Our Coffee

We are proud to serve espresso made using a blend of beans  from Roasted Ltd in Brighton. We chose a blend with a hint of Tanzanian washed robusta, which gives our coffee body and stands up well with milk as a creamy latte or a punchy black americano.


We use a Malkhonig K30 on demand grinder which grinds your beans fresh for each cup which means flavour is always at its freshest. It is meticulously calibrated throughout the day, paying attention to fineness of the grind and the grams of coffee dispensed, to make sure your espresso tastes exactly as it should.

Our recipe for espresso:

Brew ratio 1:3 (16g @ 93°C for 25-28 seconds = 48g)

Ristretto for flat white:

Brew ratio 1:2 (16g @ 93°C for 20-22 seconds = 32g)

Our Food

We get really excited when discussing new recipe ideas and creations to put on our menu - whether it's a mouth watering flavour combination for a deep filled ciabatta or a rich chocolatey traybake, we believe it's the care and love of what we do that makes our food so good.

Meet Andrew, our butcher

(the one on the right) 

We love food, and feeling good about where we source our meat is as important to us as it tasting good.


We were excited to work with someone as passionate about their trade as we are, so we are proud to source our pork, chicken and eggs locally from Gill Wing Farm, only three miles away in Eridge.


The welfare of Andrew’s free range pigs is absolutely paramount and they are even fed from food grown on the farm, plus as many acorns as they can stuff themselves with!


This, along with his skill and care in the butchery is what we believe makes our sausages the best around!

Blueberry breakfast smoothie!
Blueberry breakfast smoothie!
Energy balls!
Energy balls!

    About Us    

Jarvis Brew is cofounded by Rachel and Gary, a local couple with a passion for good food and drink and friendly service.

Our coffee is top notch, our food - honest and wholesome and our welcome warm and genuine.

We aim to provide an efficient service from breakfast to lunch, whether you commute on the first train or swing by for a well deserved lunch break.

You may notice when you first walk in that we are fairly tight for space (some say small, we like to call it cosy!) which means as far as dining facilities go we only have a few stools spaced along a breakfast bar. Whilst you are more than welcome to make yourself at home, we serve everything in takeaway packaging, from coffee to cakes and sandwiches.

Our menu is designed to be delicious and wholesome but also convenient to pick up quickly and eat on the go, so absolutely everything is available to take away with you within a matter of minutes (which is handy if you're running late for your train!)

Jarvis Brew

Station Approach

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Tel: 01892655921


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